Cerati-Shèng (Sir-rah-tee-Shèng) is the shining beacon of future cooperation between the Hermetic Confederation of Cities and the Tiàowǔ de Bùluò Mínzú (Dancing Tribal Nations). The meeting point of the two realms, the dual city straddles the River Sol or Green River (Lǜ Hé) depending on who you ask.

It is semi-autonomous and semi-unified. The River marks the boundary between the two realms, and Cerati-Shèng is a city cut from both. It is both part of each, and separate. It’s complicated. It is governed by a council of guilds and nobility representing its people and the two parent realms. There is some blending between the cities but most people find their home on one side of the River over another.

Cerati, the west bank, is a Hermetic City – industrialised and a monument to the classic Golden Age. Though it is mostly a façade, lacking the resources of a real Hermetic City. The Alchemists make no effort to deny this – it is a show of strength, an extravagance to represent a fraction of the Confederation’s power.

Shèng is less homogenous and more intricate. The Bùzú are four (or more) peoples each proud of their separate heritage. In fact, Shèng is divided into Quarters reflecting this. In four wedges, meeting at Solbridge, from North/upstream clockwise to South/downstream are: Water, Air, Fire, and Earth.


Cerati-Shèng luthen